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Short Scar Face and Neck Lift

Don't Settle for a "windswept" look from traditional face lifts.

In addition to having shorter scars and a more natural look, you also will experience shorter recovery times.

71-year-old female 3 months after short scar facelift and neck liposuction

I was and still am very happy, after 1 1/2 years, with the results of my surgery done by Dr. Huang. She is dedicated in her work and produces wonderful results. She is the best!

64-year-old female 4 months after short scar facelift, upper and lower eyelid surgery, and neck liposuction

As I was perusing a building and rehab magazine and at the same time trying to think of what my surgery meant to me so I could write a testimonial. I happened to glance at a before and after photo of a house. The before picture was of a home whose appearance was of a much weathered exterior, it was sagging and in a neglected state. A sad appearance all in all. Then the after photo. “Wow,” I gleefully exclaimed. “That is me.” What marvelous change. The roof had been raised, windows replaced and the shrubbery clipped and trimmed. As Dr. Huang so kindly said to me. “All I did was refresh your looks.” No Dr. Huang, you renovated my face. You have out done yourself with the short-scar facelift. Thank you so very much and also thank you to your knowledgeable and cheerfull staff.

78-year-old female after short scar facelift and neck liposuction

Audry came to Dr. Huang to have her “turkey wattle” fixed, she didn’t like her neck. Now she loves looking in the mirror and thinks her result is fabulous.

66-year-old female after extended short scar facelift, lower blepharoplasty, and neck liposuction

Over the years I know there were solutions to the negative visual aging parts of my face and body. On an irregular basis I would read up on the latest and least invasive plastic surgeries, laser treatments, skin care miracles and etc. Most seemed out of reach or not worth the time and money. Also what I found personally annoying or downright disgusting about my physical aging would change and multiply going from eye lift to tummy tuck to the “whole enchilada.” Not being fond of pain, discomfort, lost time on living or possible visible scars, I stayed away from plastic surgery. I did what I could as far as exercise and nutrition.

Finally I assessed what was bothering me most and would make me feel the best. It was the wrinkled front of my neck and my increasingly uneven jaw line. When a friend of mine went to Dr. Huang to have a procedure to remedy these same issues I questioned her mercilessly. She was very happy to share with me the details, results and the speedy recovery which is called Short Scar Surgery. She looked great! After looking at more information on line, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Huang. She was very encouraging telling me I was a good candidate for the procedure. We made a plan for skin care leading up to a personalized surgery, which seemed least invasive and would heal rapidly with minimal scarring. I got all I wanted and more. My skin looked more youthful (less dry and wrinkly) especially the neck! My jaw had a smoother line. I thought of it as if you have an article of ill fitting clothing, you take it to a seamstress and have it tailored to fit. The unexpected bonus was Dr. Huang monitoring my progress over the last year very carefully. She was happy to answer my questions and offer advice.

Almost a year later, I have forgotten that this isn’t the “old me”, because there is no drastic change, just a calm and perky rather than drawn and tired looking me. People have told me I look 10 to 15 years younger!

61-year-old female after extended short scar facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and neck liposuction

Chris said the reason she had the procedure is that she wanted to look as young as she felt. She is so happy with her overall result and the fact that she doesn’t look like a different person, just refreshed and younger. She is most pleased with her eyes, when she gets up in the morning, she doesn’t have any bags under her eyes.

55-year-old female after short scar facelift and neck liposuction

55-year-old female after extended short scar facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, and neck liposuction

60-year-old female after extended short scar facelift, lower blepharoplasty, intraoperative pearl treatment and neck liposuction

The reason Mary had her procedure at SCPS, is because of the positive atmosphere at our clinic. Mary and her husband Bill were impressed that Dr. Huang put her safety and health first, and that she listened to the patients concerns and didn’t push her to have the procedure. They were also impressed with the nursing staff at the ASC, and how they kept Bill updated during the course of Mary’s surgery. Overall their experience was great and they would highly recommend Dr. Huang, and SCPS to anyone interested in having a cosmetic procedure.

61-year-old female after short scar facelift and neck liposuction

Before my procedure I didn’t like the loose skin around my chin, and it was hard for me to look in the mirror, because that was all I saw. Since having the short scar facelift with Dr. Huang, I am thrilled with my result. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

66-year-old male 6 weeks after short scar facelift and neck liposuction

I checked out plastic surgery for two years. When I found Dr. Huang I knew the procedure was what I wanted. I would recommend this for men, it isn’t only for women. The staff are excellent and very supportive.