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Because of our location at the northern junction of I-5 and I-205, we are a quick 10- to 15-minute drive from most areas in Portland, OR. So if you are looking for Portland plastic surgery and want a discreet and convenient location, Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery is an ideal choice.

Dr. Richard Green and Dr. Jane Namkung specialize in cosmetic surgery. They bring a diverse set of accomplishments to Salmon Creek Surgery Center. They are highly skilled at complex surgeries and performing several surgeries at once. They also educate their patients about non-surgical techniques and procedures, and customize every patient’s experience to ensure it fits his or her needs.


Our Portland Plastic Surgery Procedures
Whether you want to make a few tweaks or aim for a dramatic makeover, we have something that will fit your needs.

Non-Surgical Procedures
Our non-surgical procedures can typically be accomplished in an afternoon, and offer little or no recovery time. They include:

  • Botox to treat lines and wrinkles
  • Latisse to help your eyelashes grow longer
  • A variety of skin and body rejuvenating laser procedures that require only minimal recovery time
  • Injectable facial fillers, which rely on injections to firm, plump, and improve the tone of your face
  • Silhouette face lift, which offers many of the benefits of a traditional face lift, but without the risks of surgery

Surgical Procedures
Our surgical procedures take place in a sterile, safe, and welcoming environment. We ensure you get the top-notch care you deserve, and combine our surgical skill with an artistic eye that ensures the best results possible for every client. Popular surgery procedures at our practice include:

  • Breast enlargement, which uses implants to help your breasts look fuller and larger
  • Breast lifts, which remove excess skin to raise the breasts
  • Breast reduction, which removes some breast tissue and reduces your breast size
  • Brow lift, which makes your eyebrows and the surrounding areas look higher and more youthful
  • Eyelid surgery, which can improve the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids, with only minimal downtime
  • Hand surgery, which surgically treats the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Facial
  • Liposuction, which can reduce excess fat and improve your body’s shape
  • Mommy Makeover, our popular collection of procedures designed to help you attain your pre-motherhood figure
  • Short scar face and neck lifts, which you you the benefits of a face or neck lift, but with a small, almost invisible scar
  • Surgical removal of skin cancer legions
  • Tummy tuck, which helps eliminate excess fat and skin. We also offer a “mommy” tummy tuck, which eliminates fat without operating on your muscles

Our Portland Plastic Surgery Clinic
When you enter our clinic, you’ll be greeted warmly and quickly directed to your doctor. In the privacy of your  doctor’s office, you’ll have the freedom to discuss your appearance concerns and evaluate your options, which include both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our doctors will evaluate your health and decide whether you’re ready for surgery, then work with you to find a schedule and payment arrangement that works for you.

One of our cosmetic care coordinators will serve as your one stop shop for all information. She’ll ensure you have the right procedures scheduled for the right day, answer your questions and help you with any needed paperwork. We know the process of getting plastic surgery can be a bit overwhelming, but the cosmetic care coordinator is there to help you navigate any challenges you experience.

Why not take the plunge and finally achieve the appearance you’ve always wanted? We’re here to help, and would be thrilled to hear from you.

If you are considering a plastic surgeon in Portland, Oregon – contact us today.

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