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Like any cosmetic procedure, eyelid surgery requires an individualized approach. Your plastic surgeon will evaluate patient anatomy, the condition you wish to have corrected, what is causing the condition and your realistic goals for improvement. Eyelid surgery can offer dramatic improvement in the upper and lower eyelids and surrounding regions. This degree of correction of drooping eyelids, puffiness or bags can only be achieved surgically, by repositioning muscle, redistributing fat that has settled into contours and when necessary by removing excess skin.

Skin resurfacing techniques may be recommended to further improve the tone and surface appearance of skin surrounding the eye, and in some cases as a substitute for excision of minimal excess lower eyelid skin. Where a low positioned brow or crows’ feet at the outer corner of the eyes contribute to the aging appearance of the eyes, a browlift may be more appropriate than, or recommended in conjunction with, eyelid surgery. In addition, a brow lift can also smooth a lined or furrowed forehead.

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