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Quality and Convenience

Whether you’re coming in for one of our world class cosmetics, high-tech non-surgical treatment, or an injection service, you’re in for a treat. You can find the same friendly professionalism with a custom cosmetic spa experience as you get with our cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Reduce fat and build muscle quickly for a complete non-surgical makeover.

The Future of Acne Treatment

Get serious about treating acne with our new FDA-approved laser. Just three acne treatments and you can see lasting results.

Laser Services

We use the latest technology to help you with body sculpting, skin problems, hair removal, or tattoo removal – all while being safe, minimally invasive, and effective.

Injectable Treatments

Wether you choose BOTOX® or fillers, injectable treatments can revitalize your look by helping to fill in or minimize wrinkles and folds. You also have a new non-surgical option to help diminish a “double chin.”

Hair Removal

If you’re looking for a more permanent answer to hair removal that is more comfortable than painful electrolysis or waxing, our laser hair removal system is for you.

Skin Care

If you’re looking to restore the glow or remove damaged skin, you won’t be disappointed in our high-performing cosmetics.

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