FDA-Approved Treatment for Mild to Severe Breakouts of Acne

Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery’s new, FDA-approved AviClear laser treatment is a breakthrough technology to help you eradicate stubborn acne breakouts.

Visit our AviClear acne treatment page for more information, FAQs, and patient videos.

Beat Acne for Good

Visit our AviClear page for acne fighting FAQs, patient videos, and more.

Aviclear Before 1Aviclear After 1
Acne Treatment BeforeAcne Treatment After
Aviclear acne treatment before 4Aviclear acne treatment after 4
Acne laser treatment before photoAcne laser treatment after photo
Aviclear acne treatment before 6Aviclear acne treatment after 6
Aviclear acne treatment before 7Aviclear acne treatment after 7
Aviclear treatment before 2Aviclear treatment after 2
Aviclear treatment before 3Aviclear treatment after 3
AviClear Before 8AviClear After 8
AviClear acne treatment before imageAviClear acne treatment after image
AviClear Before 10AviClear Before 10
AviClear Before 11AviClear Before 11

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