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Our Vancouver Clinic Experience

When you enter our clinic, you’ll be greeted warmly and quickly directed to your doctor. In the privacy of your  doctor’s office, you’ll have the freedom to discuss your appearance concerns and evaluate your options, which include both surgical and non-surgical treatments. Our doctors will evaluate your health and decide whether you’re ready for surgery, then work with you to find a schedule and payment arrangement that works for you.

Our cosmetic care coordinator serves as your one stop shop for all information. She’ll ensure you have the right procedures scheduled for the right day, answer your questions and help you with any needed paperwork. We know the process of getting plastic surgery can be a bit overwhelming, but Angela is there to help you navigate any challenges you experience.

Why not take the plunge and finally achieve the appearance you’ve always wanted? We’re here to help, and would be thrilled to hear from you.

Ambulatory Surgery Center

On-site Ambulatory Surgery Center – Safe, Comfortable, and Private

Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery features an on-site Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC), meaning you won’t have to go to a local hospital surgery center for your procedure. It’s a state-of-the-art facility that’s fully equipped and staffed with everything you’ll need for a safe, comfortable and private experience.

The entrance is separate from our main entrance, ensuring your privacy during your procedure and recovery.

Salmon Creek Plastic Surgery & Spa

13712 NE 10TH AVENUE
PHONE: 360.823.0860
FAX: 360.828.1407

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If this is an urgent medical issue please call 360-823-0860.

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